About Lena Ellingsson


Who is Lena Ellingsson?

Well, I will try to tell you about my self.

There is something more. Something more we can see with our physical eyes and more we can touch. That I was aware of early in life, but it was frightning.


ghostsThe nights were the hardest. They were hiding horrible secrets. And I stuggled with them until I had gave birth to three children, then I started with my personal development. When I really was convinced that I wasn’t and couldn’t be like someone else but my self, I started to walk my own path.

Today I have experiences I wish other could have the luck to avoid but I know you’re out there. You who were bullied at school and at work, have destructive relationships, long-term sicknesses and hard to find joy in life. But there is hope, I’m a living proof of that.

The road has been long and hard and even if I now and then heard people say I should be grateful for my experience, I didn’t understand why and how important they were to me, until now. My experience of life has given me great insight in different kind of circumstances.

Indigo childrenTo give birth to an Indigo Child has also given me amazing benefits. It has guided my steps on roads I never thought I would take.

My personal development started when I tried to prove that Astrology doesn’t work, that it’s only rubbish. I was chocked and suprised to learn that it’s to much in it to be ignored. To have your own Birth Chart set up by an Astrologer is a very good way to learn about yourself.

After that I looked at Numerology and then I started to work with that, too.




The Astrology and Numerology made me look at the way I lived. At that time I listened much to others and my interest in technical stuff and mathematics made me first a Cartographer and then a Network Administrator. I’ve studied Mathematic E and programming and Systems design at Universitys i Luleå and Umeå.






LaptopEven though it was quite nice with computers and maths it wasn’t my mission in life. But what was it? I started to seach. I tested Medical Qigong, two courses 1998 and thougt I’d be Qigong Therapist but it wasn’t my way. By a coincident I tried a cource in Reiki Healing and here I experienced something extraordinary. So I became Reiki Master and learned Karuna Reiki which is a development on Reiki distance healing.

I also participated in courses and became Massage Therapist in Hawaii massage, Taktil massage and Metamorphose. And on top of that I became a Regression Therapist. Now I had many methods to help others heal different things. During the educations I experienced many things that explained why I felt like I felt and reacted like I did in different circumstances. Many past lifes has occurred and I know now much about the reason for my behavior. I’m writing a book about my discoveries and experiences.



Angel Wings and Halo



So the year 2007 I finally became Spiritual and Psychic Councellor. At last I could control my fear for the unknown. I met my spiritual guides and we travelled many times and far far away. That I also will write about in my book.




HeartFlameMy passion is helping others find their own Inner Source to love, joy and happiness. That’s why my company is called Inner Source. With my experience, clairvoyance and knowledge I think I can help many of my neighbors on this extraordinary beautiful planet called Earth.

Welcome to me for Guiding Conversations including the other services I offer.

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